History of Locks Museum Supporters Group Membership
  • History of Locks Museum Supporters Group Membership

Membership - HoL Supporters Group

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Join a Global group of Historians, archeologists curators and enthusiasts interested in the history of locks.

Membership of the History of Locks Museum Supporters Group benefits include:-

Subscription to The History of Locks Journal; published 4 times a year. New subscriptions start with the next to be published issue.

Access to the www.antique-locks.com, the global discussion forum.

Admin fees waived when ordering scans from the archive - members only pay the nominal per scan fee.

First to learn of special events.

Note: We don't hold your card details on file; we simply advise you to renew at renewal time.

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The History of Locks Supporters Group

The group mutually supports an interchange of data through a mixture of websites and physical exhibition sites and a quarterly journal; The History of Locks Journal. Main features include:-

The History of Locks Journal Published, appoximatly 18 A4 pages in full colour, 4 times a year and packed with features, snippets and news.

Antique-Locks.com Membership of the 'Group' includes membership to the History of Locks forum antique-locks.com; the Forum was established almost 2 decades ago in 2004 and contains a wealth of information in its historic posts and download pictures/documents. Once you have joined familiarise yourself with the extremely powerful search feature which may well answer many of you questions and of course you can post your own questions and pictures as well as interacting with members queries. We register your username as your real name and attach your head & shoulder picture to your profile.

Free Dating from the serial number records for Chubb, Chatwood, Hobbs, Milner and Tann.

HoL Archive Scans Archive data in the forms of high-res scans is another concession available to the 'Group', currently £1.25 per scan; non members pay an additional £10 admin per order.

To Join the 'Group' simply click the 'Add to Basket' button. You can if you wish enter into the 'quantity box' additional years membership with no upper limit. This also ensures uninterrupted membership whilst at the same time guards against possible future membership price increases.

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